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Canvas Elastic Multicolored Braided Belt

This unisex braided belt is great for men or women’s casual or uniformed looks. Show off your personal style with one of the many available brilliant color choices.

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I’m satisfied with each of the color variations I bought…

By Stephen Hildenbrandon December 26, 2016
I’m satisfied with each of the color variations I bought, but.. I’ve learned one important thing. Buy the belt length that properly matches your waist size.
Often, with most belts, I buy the next length up. ie: I’m a 32 waist but buy a 34 belt, because too often I’ve had 32 belts not have enough extra length for a clean fit.
These do, and they stretch, so.. Stay with your actual waist size.
They work equally well with jeans and business casual or semi-formal.
I doubt I would wear them with a suit, but what are the odds of them being noticed as a “casual” belt?
Three things I love about these belts?
– You cinch the belt anywhere you want, between stitch crossovers. So you can easily make micro-adjustments, as opposed to fixed distance belt holes.
– In regards to belt holes.. You no longer have to worry about your most used belt hole stretching or tearing. You loop the belt latch between elastic intersections.
– Best of all? No more splitting layers. No matter how much or little I’ve spent on belts? WHEN they eventually split layers? I feel like it was a waste of money.
If you want an all around belt that is available in a variety of colors? This is a good option. I’ve used my Black and Brown belts daily for 4 months after purchase. They show zero signs of typical belt wear and tear.
At a fraction of the price.

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