Product Description

Fossil Q 50mm Nate Hybrid Smartwatch


  • Looks like a watch, acts like a smartwatch—these no-charge hybrid smartwatches feature built-in activity tracking, filtered notifications and multiple time zones.
  • Snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music and more with the customizable link button.
  • Track your everyday accomplishments including steps, distance, and calories burned and monitor your sleep duration and quality.
  • When a notification or alert arrives for a text, email or app update, a gentle buzz lets you know right away. This wrist essential is always on, always connected with a battery life up to six months (based on usage) and automatically syncs to your phone.
  • Fit your style with interchangable straps – compatible with all Fossil brand 24mm straps. Compatibility: Android OS 5.0+, iPhone 5/iOS 9.0+, Smartphone App.All devices are Bluetooth® smart-enabled with an improved data transfer of 4.1 Low Energy

Fossil’s Q Nate Smartwatch blends a military-style analog design with smart connectivity, accented in smooth leather. See more Fossil products here.

Top Customer Reviews

Joseph C. Antone October 14, 2016
Band Color: brown|Verified Purchase

First, its a beautiful watch. It fits fine on my wrist. The step tracking is very functional and I like how they used the hands and buttons to interact with a smartphone and notify you. There is one major flaw to this (at least this specific version) watch, and that is the numbers are a bit darker on the real watch than in the picture. This means you have much less contrast between the background and the numbers than what is implied in the picture. This makes the watch VERY difficult to read in low light. The hands do emit a glow at night, helping to read, however if there is any ambient light, say from a street light or lights from other cars, the hands will not emit their light. Coupled with the lack of contrast in the watch face, it becomes impossible to read. Another breaking issue is although Fossil did a great job in HOW they show you the current day of the month, they did so by creating a very thin ring that fits between the larger interior face numbers and the numbers just inside the bezel. This very thin ring has the numbers 1 thru 31 to signify the date. Unfortunately, they suffer from the same contrast issue and coupled with the very tiny font used, its difficult to read even under direct light and often my eyes get them confused with the minute marks, or 24-hourly marks on the ring just inside the bezel.

It has a great function where you can assign each face number to an individual, and if you get a text or call from that person, the watch will let you know by going to that number. For example, my wife was assigned to the number 1, and my parents the number 2. If my wife calls, the watch will point both hands to the number 1 to indicate who called. If my parents call, the hands point to 2. Its actually kinda clever.

The bottom button serves as a multi-function control button for your smartphone that you can set to do one of three different things: 1) Emit a tone to find the phone, 2) control your music player (iffy support by Spotify), and 3) take a picture.

I also had no problems whatsover with the bluetooth pairing. Though the vibration alarm was a bit anemic and failed to wake me (as opposed to an older Fitbit charge, or Garmin Vivofit which could), it was a very welcomed addition.

So, TL;DR, great watch killed by its weaknesses in low light. Ended up returning it, but would seriously consider an alternate Fossil Q.