Product Description

FURTALK Large Real Fur Pom Pom Baseball Cap

Faux leather baseball cap with large and real fur pom pom and a strap back.

Top Customer Reviews

Five stars…

By Onekaron February 21, 2017
Cute hats that’s goes with all my fur coats.

Say yes to the hat…

By Michelle Ugarteon December 4, 2016
Was looking online for a very long time for one of these hats and finally found the perfect one. The fur ball at the top is detachable which gives you a different style Incase you aren’t feeling furry at moment. Have gotten compliments and I love it. Would definitely buy again and recommend in a heartbeat.

Daughter loved it, she’s been wanting this style with the…

By aprilon December 27, 2016
Daughter loved it, she’s been wanting this style with the red pom pom with black for a long time. It took awhile for her to get it and I can imagine its because it’s popular but I am glad she finally got it and is very satisfied. She wear it with or without the pom pom.

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