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Origin Ties 100% Silk 3″ Skinny Tie Handmade Men’s Grenadine Plaid Necktie Navy Blue

Features: How Wide? It’s 3” at its broadest points and 58″ long, it’s a bit skinny. Please see the detail size information in Picture Show, What’s the Fabric? 100% high-quality SILK from Hangzhou – City of Silk, How it’s Made? 100% HANDMADE, elaborately sewn by trained craftsmen with at least 10-years experience, Who is our Supplier? Provided by suppliers for top brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger. Our artisan line is the ultimate in luxury tie, Design Concept: Designed in Italy. Pursuit of the perfect balance of classic design and modern styling, Maintenance: Unique craft of our ties makes them WATERPROOF, GREASEPROFF, ANTI-FOULING and convenient to take care of. Silk texture is able to “bounce” back into shape after being tied without showing creases, Packaging: Exquisite packaging makes our ties perfect for gift giving, Competitive Price: Usually $80 up at retail stores for a similar tie. We bring our ties directly to you: this means cutting out the middleman and retail stores. Lower cost makes it possible for us to provide luxury at an affordable price.(Refer to Description)

The internet principle is simple: if you have direct approach to superior silk, craft for luxury quality and excellent design, why you still pay for the extremely expensive ties in store?

“Source the luxury” is Darren’s initial intention. As the founder of Origin Ties, he spent time finding the best tie factories in the world. The owners replied bluntly that they would support him with the best ties in spite of a limited investment.

In the beginning, we invited Italian designers to design our first batch ties. Tie is an art combined with pattern and fashion. Origin Ties will be open to the global independent designers soon.

$19.99 is a temporary price which excludes the advertising expenses. We hope more people take the first step to experience our products. Origin Ties will always be the most cost-effective choice though the preferential price won’t last for a long time.

How much a luxury quality tie costs?

Design Fee — $2, an excellent design
Materials — $3.6, 100% natural materials
Labor — $3, fabricated like luxuries
Packaging — $0.5, less fold, more decent
Transport — $0.6
Commission Fee — $2.25
Fixed Cost — $11.95

Origin Ties Price — $19.99
Traditional Retails — $80

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Handmade Men’s Grenadine Plaid Necktie

This Handmade Men’s Grenadine Plaid Necktie elaborately sewn by trained craftsmen. 100% high-quality silk from Hangzhou—City of Silk.

About Origin Ties

Originties’ designers and manufacturers were veteran OEMs and ODMs for luxury brands including Burberry and Zagne, among others. With the understanding that the quality of a luxury product comes from its origin – fabric, design and manufacture, we named our brand Originties.

We cut out everything that does not belong to a product’s origin but makes up 90% of its retail price – middleman, offline stores, brand premium, etc. We aim to make luxury accessible to everyone.

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