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LensCovers Prescription Glasses

LensCovers are for anyone who wants sun protection while wearing their prescription glasses. They’re lightweight to slip on over your prescription glasses.

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Finally! Fit over sunglasses that perform 100% as advertised

By Craig Mattice June 18, 2013
Size: Medium|Color: Brown|Verified Purchase
I had invested in a pair of those, “As seen on TV amber HD sunglasses,” which fit over my regular glasses. They are okay and tolerable for a short time. Soon the bridge of my nose would hurt due to how they settled over my other glasses and don’t even think they are polarized or, “as good as,” either. Forget trying to wear any kind of hat while wearing them. Well, as a result of having cataract surgery, trauma to one eye from being shot back in the 1970’s, and taking medications causing photo-sensitivity, I was screwed, unless paying out the nose for a second pair of prescription sunglasses. I researched through an ophthalmologist website just what would be required and these “Fit Over Sunglasses by LensCovers” fit the bill to a “T.” Upon quick receipt of this order, which was very well packaged, I tried them on and was shocked at the clarity of vision with excellent fit and no visual distortion. Make sure you use the sizing chart they provide to obtain the best fitting glasses for your unique needs. My wife was amazed because I didn’t look like I was wearing those, “just out of the eye doctor’s office HUGE geriatric outer space” sunglasses. These are very stylish indeed, fit very well, are extremely comfortable, performing exactly as the seller advertises. Is that refreshing or what? Honestly, if people didn’t already know, you can’t even tell there are regular prescription glasses under these sunglasses. Should I say this out loud? You actually look like a ‘normal non-prescription wearing glasses’ person while wearing these sunglasses. No pun intended, but that is just too cool for color TV. I highly recommend these sunglasses. My wife and I are so impressed, she is buying a pair of her own to replace her, “clip-on” sunglasses. Very easy to rate this product with 5 Stars.

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