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Mens Dress Leather Belt,Black Belt Strap, Silver Ratchet Buckle, 3.5cm Wide, Gift for Man

Features: * 1. EASY TO USE: Just slide the belt into the buckle and pull the belt through, the buckle simply auto locks the belt, to release the belt, gently push the lever on the side of the buckle and lock will snap. Simple, smooth and sleek!, * 2. EASY TO RELEASE the BUCKLE: only 2 steps to adjust or change different buckle/belt strap to match your daily style:
—- 1. To loosen belt from buckle- firmly push the belt forward inner way in buckle and closure will lift on its own. (No tools needed!)
—- 2. Cut the belt to your desired size and secure it firmly with closure.
You’re no longer restricted to 1 inch size adjustments, but can get a perfect, superb, and custom-fit all the time!, * 3. HIGH QUALITY: double edge stitching makes this leather ratcheting belt more sturdy,canbe weared well for years.HIGHLY FASHIONABLE stylish buckle that is elegantly designed with classic. Scratch resistant buckles made to last., * 4. SUITABLE FOR MORE OCCASIONS: This high quality black leather belts is perfect for both pants and jeans, Our stylish sophisticated buckles are suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions, like party or wedding., * 5. RISK FREE PURCHASE: BELYTON men’s leather belts come with a 45 day Satisfaction guarantee and 180 day warranty on materials and workmanship.Many people are buying several to have more than one on hand.

Contact us to get the video about how to use and adjust this belt.

STYLISH, DURABLE BLACK MEN’s BELT w/ POPULAR SLIDING RATCHET BUCKLE is just what every guy needs to complete his look. Works well for business and pleasure. This belt goes well with everything from suits to jeans. You always look stylish and handsome wearing this very high quality belt.

MADE WITH FLEXIBLE SECOND LAYER LEATHER. This is the leather of choice for belts. Most belts are made of lesser leather that is stiff and cracks over time. Our factory took extra care to choose the best leather available to make an exceptional belt. It is soft and flexible right out of the box.

Many people are buying several of these to give to friends, relatives, and co-workers. This is a gift every man will appreciate.

BELT FITS NO MATTER if your waist size changes. It’s no problem if you gain a few pounds or lose some. Simply slide the ratchet belt buckle to a place that feels comfortable. No need to buy a new belt. This one will last you for many years of enjoyable use.

MAKE FINE ADJUSTMENTS. Most belts force you to settle for one inch adjustments. Unfortunately many of us are “in between” sizes, making most belts too loose or too tight. The sliding belt buckle lets you easily adjust a tiny millimeter in either direction. Your belt always fits’s perfect for big and tall people or people who is losing weight, no more bother to buy another and another belt when your size changes.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures you are getting a quality fashion belt available at this value price. Many people are stocking up buying 2 or 3 belts.

HURRY AND BUY NOW while supplies are plentiful !

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Men’s Black Genuine Leather Dress Belt

STYLISH, DURABLE BLACK MEN’s LEATHER DRESS BELT w/ POPULAR SLIDING RATCHET BUCKLE is just what every guy needs to complete his look.

Top Customer Reviews

Very sleek…

By Shannhlvbon November 27, 2016
I bought this on sale for my husband. I didn’t realize the design was a letter (supposedly an I, but looks like an H). I’m giving it to my husband for Christmas, but if he won’t wear it because it looks too much like an H, I’ll give it to my father-in-law, whose first name starts with an H. I think it could just be a nice design. I love that it doesn’t need holes. It clamps down easily, is quite long, and will be perfect for my husband who is trying to lose weight. The release is easy to do once I figured it out. I had it upside sown, but once I realized, I reversed the tension on the little button and it released easily. I really like it and hope my husband finds it as easy to use and as nice looking as I do.


By jeremey h.on March 12, 2017
Color: Black Belts 2 Line Buckle|Verified Purchase
Absolute love this belt! The leather is made extremely well and buckle is heavy duty and I love the design I chose. At first it seemed like the buckle was going to be heavy when wearing it, because the buckle does weigh a lot more than a traditional belt. To my surprise you really do not notice the weight difference when wearing it. With the ratcheting belt you can adjust to the perfect tightness, instead of only being able to go to the next hole on traditional belts. You can cut the belt to the perfect length for you, so do not be scared if you buy the belt and its way too long. The belt is made so you can remove the leather belt from the buckle and use a pair of scissors to cut the belt to your exact size!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BELT, and I will NEVER buy another traditional belt again. The ratcheting belt is the way to go, you won’t be disappointed!

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