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1 1/2″ Waxed Ranger Belt Creased, Size 40

Features: You will love the quality American Tanned Leather, You will be prode to wear this American Made Leather Belt, You know you are getting a durable belt becase of the 10 year garantee, This Durable Work Belt! Will hold up to your toughest jobs, 1 inch Brass Plated Buckle Attached with Chicago Screws

This waxed ranger belt is a high quality work belt that is sure to please. This quality 1 1/2” leather belt is made from strong skirting leather and is creased, rather than stitched, giving it a classy look. The tabs are 1”, rather than the usual 3/4” width, and are sewn on with durable white nylon thread. This belt is oiled and waxed to give it a supple feel and provide years of service.┬áThe 1” buckle is attached with Chicago screws, allowing for easy removal and replacement.
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Men’s Heavy Leather Ranger Belt

This quality 1 1/2” leather ranger belt is made from strong skirting leather and is creased, rather than stitched, giving it a classy look.

Top Customer Reviews

Five stars…

By Stan Gerkenon March 14, 2017
Well crafted.

Five stars…

By Amazon Customeron April 26, 2017
Love it.

Great belt!

By Cowtnadvon January 1, 2017
Great belt – very heavy duty but not rough – very dressy!

What is a “Ranger Belt” anyways?

The design of the Ranger Belt was adopted from a cinching technique used in horse tack that allows a strap to be tightened without pinching the horse’s hair in the buckle. The Texas Rangers adapted this technique into the design of a men’s ranger belt in the 1840’s, when they began using the new Colt Walker six-shooter, which used holsters that required wider belts. By mimicking the cinching technique from horse tack in the design of the ranger belt, the Rangers could wear a smaller belt and still holster the larger sidearm.

The Ranger belt and buckle sets are now classic western americana. It is a rare photograph of a cowboy that dosn’t show him wearing a ranger belt or a trophy buckle. Few American traditions in dress are so timeless, as Ranger belts and buckles are popular today.

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