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Origin Ties Men’s Stylish Paisley Tie

How Origin Ties Men’s Stylish Paisley Tie made? 100% HANDMADE, elaborately sewn by trained craftsmen with at least 10-years experience.

Top Customer Ties

True to the picture…

By Southern Veton October 8, 2016
Smooth silk with colors true to the picture. Will maintain a subdued yet tasteful look with black or dark red. The length is sufficient and the width spot on at 3.25″ . Not to skinny, not too fat, just right.

Elegant enough for a formal wedding…

By Zavion October 15, 2016
Got these for the wedding party. They are very elegant black and eggplant ties. They come individually packaged in a long black tie gift package. Great presentation. Love them and highly recommend.

Excellent value…

By Builder50on April 6, 2017
Really nice quality and color!

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