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2 Pair of Bifocal Half Rim Sports Style – Yellow/Smoke Lens (+1.50)

Features: 2 pair of bifocal sunreaders sunglasses with 1 microfiber soft pouch included, Lightweight For Superior Comfort | High Quality Comfortable Fit, Lens Width 73mm; Size: 5 3/4″ (146 mm) W x 1 3/4 (44 mm) “H, 100% UVA & UVB Protection, Black microfiber soft pouch included to protect glasses as well as clean them

If you have difficulty seeing objects that are close as well as objects that are far, bifocal sunglasses may be the perfect solution. Rather than having to constantly switch out glasses based on whether or not you’re trying to read, bifocals contain split lenses that allow for distance vision and reading vision that are perfect for outdoor use. We are offering an incredible deal of 2 pairs of bifocal sport sunglasses, one pair of smoke lens and one pair of yellow lens for driving at night time . Wear these sun readers outdoors while reading, driving, or playing sports! Bifocal Sun Readers has a sporty lightweight frame with rubberized nose and ear-pieces. The semi-rimless lenses have a magnified bifocal portion at the bottom, while the rest of the tinted/yellow lens is unmagnified.These bifocal sunglasses are great for driving during day or night, the beach and many more outdoor activities. Get a classic and comfortable look while wearing our sport bifocal sunglasses! Two Pink Ribbon Shades microfiber soft pouches are also included.
List Price: $19.99 USD
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2 Pair Outdoor Reading Bifocal Sunglasses

If you have difficulty seeing objects that are close as well as objects that are far, bifocal sunglasses may be the perfect solution.

Top Customer Reviews


By Machenzie September 22, 2016
Color: Black|Magnification Strength: 2.5|Verified Purchase
MY SHORTSIGHTED, NO GLASSES FOR LONG DISTANCES, HUBAND LOVES BOTH PAIR!!!!!! My husband has diabetic retinopathy; plus, he needs bifocals because he chose the long distance lens when he had cathartic surgery, needless to say, his eyes are very sensitive. The bifocals lens in these sunglasses are perfect for him when he’s driving, he can look down to check speed etc. & look up for long distance without any problems (make sure you know the magnification you need when you order; go to a Walgreens or somewhere & try on their magnifying glasses to make sure of your magnification needs). The yellow/amber glasses surprised my husband, I’ve been telling him for years yellow helps at dusk & he finally tried realized it’s true & the gray aren’t so darkening he looses the depth perception!!!!

Bifocals rock…

By Nita Roy December 25, 2016
Color: Black|Magnification Strength: 1.5|Verified Purchase
Husband likes the darkness and the brightness of the glasses and appreciates the bifocal so they don’t come off and back on constantly.

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