Product Description

Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch for iPhone and Android


  • Ideal for use with iPhone® 4, 4S, 5, 5c and 5s and iOS 6, iOS 7 and Android 4.0 or later devices.
  • Bluetooth technology allows simple pairing with compatible devices, so you can easily view text messages and other notifications, accept or decline incoming calls, control your music and more.
  • Notifications allow you to view updates from your e-mail, SMS, caller ID, calendar and favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter right on your wrist.
  • E-paper display ensures a clear view, even when you’re outdoors. Downloadable watch faces and apps.
  • Rechargeable battery allows up to 7 days of use on a full charge to keep up with your day-to-day activities. Waterproof design lets you wear the watch while you’re swimming, surfing or simply washing dishes.

The Pebble connects to your iPhone® or Android smartphone using Bluetooth, and can alert you to incoming calls, e-mails and messages. Add Internet-connected apps for outdoor activities, download watchfaces, enable notifications and more. The Pebble’s e-paper outdoor-readable display ensures a great view wherever you go. If you believe that you have an issue with your charging cable or charging port, we have a few troubleshooting suggestions that may solve your problem.Please be sure to give it enough time to charge and turn on; occasionally, after a depleted battery, Pebble may take a while to wake up. We recommend charging Pebble for at least 3 hours and then trying to turn it on again by holding the Select (middle button on the right side) for 15-20 seconds. It also helps to try turning it on at least once while connected to the cable and once while it is detached. When plugging in the charger, please insert the USB end into your computer or AC adapter before connecting the other end to Pebble. Be sure to try multiple ports and outlets if Pebble does not initially indicate that it is charging, as some USB chargers (especially those with batteries built in, or those designed to charge iOS devices) will not reliably charge the Pebble, as it draws such little power.If your cable is still not connecting properly with your Pebble, please try the following: Polish the metal charging stations on the cable and on Pebble to make sure that there is not a coating or substance preventing the magnetic connection. You can use a pencil eraser to deoxidize and polish them. Clean all four of the contacts up with (90% or higher) rubbing alcohol. The charging cable’s contacts are spring loaded pins. Depress each of them and make sure that they are popping back smoothly up to the same height relative to each other. See more Peeble products here.

Top Customer Reviews

Shopper X December 27, 2016
Verified Purchase

Ok, I know, I’m late to the dance. Fitbit bought Pebble and promptly shuttered the company earlier this month and I know why. This watch, even though it is old technology, is way better than Fitbit’s new technology. I had a Fitbit Charge, it was really just a cheesy digital watch, a pedometer and sleep timer, it was grossly overpriced for those few functions and it physically fell apart after about a year. This watch is older technology and does so much more for like, well now…a quarter the price.

There is no Pebble company, no Pebble website, no Pebble warranty. That is disappointing of course going forward but I got this watch at such an awesome deal and for however long as it lasts, I’ll be pleased. The only cool feature of my Fitbit was that it would tell you the number of someone who was calling when your phone rang. This watch does that as well as texts, calendar alerts, emails, weather, date, control music, a proper clock you can customize and a bunch of other stuff that really made my head spin. I couldn’t believe you could get that kind of functionality at less than a bill with Grant on it.

I am a woman and the face of this watch is really big, not practical joke big but you better be comfortable wearing larger faced watches. I was so this wasn’t much of an issue for me. It is very light despite the bulkiness. This watch is old school, not a touchscreen, you use corresponding buttons and toggle through menus. You just have to mentally go back to that process and remember how that was the only way to do it back in the day (5 years ago?). It is only a black and white screen and although it isn’t quite as bad as Mario Brothers pixilation, it certainly isn’t anywhere near as clear as your phone screen is. I think it’s endearing, kind of a cool retro feature. No one is mistaking this thing for an apple watch but then again, you are paying sooooooo much less. I have an iPhone and had no issues with connecting, everything works and it all operates though Bluetooth.

This watch gives you solid basic notification features as well as a customizable watch face, picking a customization is easy (although there are many juvenile choices to wade through) as is picking apps to load onto the watch like a fitbit-like app for measuring distance and sleep, maps, weather and a bunch of other stuff. Obviously now, the bloom is off the rose so I doubt there will be the continued enthusiasm at creating new compatible apps and functions so owners should not expect any continued evolution. What you see is what you get but again, you really do get a lot. My Fitbit battery only lasted 3 days at the most and the charger was in the back of the face of the watch which was annoying and cumbersome when trying to charge it, this thing supposedly lasts for about a week (I’ve only had it 3 days and it still has half a battery left) and uses one of the old Mac laptop magnetic chargers on the side of the face so you can lay it down to charge it. Plus the Pebble watch is water proof in fresh and salt water, I couldn’t even shower with my dumb Fitbit.

Yes, practically, this watch has already reached its expiration date. If anything happens, you’re SOL however, until then, it is an inexpensive dip into the smart watch pool and for the convenience functions it provides, it is well worth triple what it is currently being sold at. Really, it is unfortunate that this company will not continue to produce such a solid product. The possibility that the watch provides is it’s greatest feature.