Product Description

The ‘Phantom Continental’ Necktie

The ‘Phantom Continental’ Necktie is 60″ length and 3″ width. All of our neckties are: Uniquely designed and crafted in the USA. Dry clean only.

About Sheridan Man Made

Dedicated to creating the finest men’s accessories possible, Sheridan Man Made caters to the man with a unique sensibility and taste for quality. We design our products with the utmost care: materials are handpicked and furnished by a family-owned supplier that has been scouring the world for the best fabrics since 1922. Our third generation tailors have been designing ties since its’ popularization in the ‘20s. Not only that, all our products are 100% American made. The perfect accessory can make the difference in an overall look, making nearly any suit or casual outfit more distinctive and well put-together. A lot of guys will spend time, money, and effort on how they look but sometimes forget about the accessories which is really what separates the individual style. Our products are shipped with our custom Tie Boxes and make a great, unique gift.

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