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Royalours Mens Smooth Leather Belt

The strap of this Royalours Mens Smooth Leather Belt is adjustable, you can open the metal buckle and cut the strap to fit by yourself.

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…extremely faster than I expected and I am beyond happy with the products I ordered…

By KrownLoyaltyon March 30, 2017
I just wanted to take this time to say that this package came in extremely faster than I expected and I am beyond happy with the products I ordered. I order all (4) “Ferragamo” belts/colors advertised for this particular belt in which I must say thank you for sending such well packaged and organized material. I am big advocate on customer service and package handling and this is A+++ across the boards. I will however say I thought the buckles would of been a lot bigger but its quite alright I will make them look wonderful with whatever I decide to wear. Also you all the boxes and dust bags so not have the Ferragamo labeling but who gives a real hell? The belts although not authentic of course are still very high fashion appearing/quality. I advise treating it in the same condition and manner you would if you spent 100’s on a real one… the quality will still last about as long continue to turn heads. Also I would say ordering bigger is a plus because like advertised in the description and in the actual box you can always cut it down to according Size and fitting in which I had to do and you will never know because the belt buckle is one that detaches and reenables perfectly over the part you would cut. Overall wonderful prompt merchandise and shipment. I attached a few photos or how everything came. Royalours I am on my way to looking through your page again now to see what else I can get my hands on lol thanks a million!

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