Product Description

SlideBelts Leather Ratchet Belt with Raw Buckle

What is a SlideBelts brand ratchet belt? It’s a leather belt that lets you freely adjust your belt size without the limitation of holes in the leather.

Top Customer Reviews

Works great long after the novelty wears off…

By Jeff Bon February 18, 2016
First off, this belt is great. The sliding/ratcheting mechanism works much better than the classic closure of ordinary belts. I’m losing weight, yet I can always have a perfect fitting belt. The top grain leather is also worth the extra cost. I previously bought the more basic leather belt from SlideBelts SlideBelts Men’s Matte Black Leather Belt – Custom Fit (Black Leather with Matte Black Buckle). I wanted a second buckle and to see if the quality of the top grain leather was worth the extra money. The texture and look of the top grain leather is much more premium and authentic. The belt feels thicker and much more durable as well. Definitely worth the extra money.

Quality belt that’s a bit pricey

By J oeTAZVINE VOICEon October 31, 2016
I tend to use anywhere between two and three different holes in a traditional belt but there are times where one notch is too loose and another is too tight. I bought a braided belt that solved this problem but I had two issues with it. First, braided belts are very casual looking and I didn’t like wearing it with nice slacks or a suit. And, since you’re putting all the pressure on a small braided piece of leather it’s just a matter of time before that strand stretches and eventually breaks which is what happened with mine.
While I found this belt to be a bit expensive (about 10 dollars more than the braided belt I bought from Lands End) it is a quality product. I liked that I was able to choose the leather and the buckle and that I can move that buckle to other belts and save some money.
A bit of trepidation when I cut it to my size. I attached the buckle to the belt at the max mark – 48 inches and put it on. From there I measured how much excess I wanted coming out the other side and cut that much off the buckle end of the belt.

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