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Perfect fit everytime
By Lucas T.on September 1, 2013
I started looking around for a belt like this after hearing about ratcheting belts from a friend. The release mechanism on those was a lever at the top side of the buckle that looked like it would be poking me in the stomach when ever I sat down. I was not really a fan of the style of the buckles either.

After several days of searching I finally decided on the Slide belt. The styling of the buckle is much cleaner with no branding than any other offering I found. Also the release is built into the face of the buckle. The outer rim of the buckle lifts and releases the belt.

Another thing I really like about this belt is the simplicity of the buckle mechanism. There is only one moving part and a spring.

Another reviewer mentioned that the buckle connection to the belt would not close flush. Once you attach the belt to the buckle and have pressed the flap down as far as it will go, pull on the belt as if trying to pull it out of the buckle. This will finish setting the connection and the flap will be flush then.

I love the perfect fit that the 1/4 in steps gives, and that it never randomly comes loose like some other belts I have had.



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