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The Only Sliders (*besides the show) I Have Ever Loved
By Jahva Scripton May 22, 2017
If you do not have one of these belts, you are missing out. I am not a paid promoter but rather a really, really impressed customer.

I bought one of these belts (top grain black with gunmetal buckle) a few years ago on Amazon to see if this could be an adequate replacement for all the belts I kept buying every few years at brick-and-mortar stores (Kohls, TJ Maxx, Macys, etc. etc.). I tried cheapest and I tried most expensive. It seemingly did not matter as, eventually, the belts wore out (frays, strings, actual tearing, stretching, etc. etc.,) and I just kept buying new ones every year or so. I am not overweight or live a really hard-on-my-gear life. Just used a belt every day and mostly for business casual attire. All the same, one after one I went through these belts.

I then stumbled upon SlideBelts. I waited for a long time, after reading many other’s reviews and looking for alternatives, before I settled on spending so much on a fine belt. I have literally never looked back and truly can attest to this product’s quality, resiliency, its sophisticated look, and its crew. The latter of which has been reinforced by their emails and constant careful attention to my customer satisfaction as well as their recent offering to their customers to take part in investing in their brand/company.

Honestly, I am heavily considering that above-mentioned investment opportunity because I just haven’t been able to find a competitor doing what these folks are doing for this niche market. They have “Apple-ized” this accessory and I stand firmly behind them in terms of customer approval and support. Please keep doing what you’re doing and showing that American ingenuity, craftsmanship, and service are not in a moribund state, rather they are alive and well if you know where to find them!



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