Product Description

Unisex Polarized Fit Covering Sunglasses

Discover the better way to protect your eyes with fit covering sunglasses. You can reduce UV exposure from your eyes while wearing your everyday eyeglasses.

Top Customer Reviews

Great sunglasses…

By Isabella September 13, 2016
I previously wrote a review for these — great fit-over sunglasses, well made, my second pair after buying 4-5 other pairs (not just from Amazon but also advertised on TV) that were very cheap — the lenses would easily pop out and you could never get them back in, exactly as before! The price is great and the company is wonderful to work with.

Functional with good yellowish lens…

By Amazon Customer December 7, 2016
Fully polarized and at 65mm wide a good fit. Price is okay, as these will get used for a year or two and need to be replaced. If lost, no big expense!

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