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This West Leathers Men’s Fashion Leather Belt is:



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This belt..
By Mike Crashon May 9, 2017
The belt buckle is very solid, and appears that it will hold up for many many years. It has two settings where the belt end will slide behind OR in front of the belt when it passes through the buckle giving you two stylish options on how to wear it.
The belt looks nice, initially.

The belt isnt solid leather like I thought. Looking at the thickness of the belt the bottom half (what goes against your waist) is solid leather, the top half is a pink material with a black coating. It does look really really nice when worn, but doesn’t exactly hold up like a solid leather belt. A few months in I got my first scuff on it and the light pink material showed through. I used a black permanent marker to cover it up.

In the end I like the buckle a lot and when the belt gets too many scuffs where the marker fixes become apparant I will replace just the belt.



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