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Xhtang Men’s Automatic Ratchet Leather Belt

Automatic Buckle Ratchet Leather Belt for Men. Easy to use. Durable, Casual, Reliable, Decent, Fashion, Classic, High grade.

Top Customer Reviews

Presumably it’s made to last (let’s hope), one of my top 5 greatest investments…

By Lucoreon May 30, 2016
oh my god, where the hell has this belt been all my life? yes yes, ok, there is a super small learning curve, these instructions should help once you receive it. straight end of belt goes about an inch into buckle slot that’s next to the open spike flap; close spike flap into belt and leave it, it stays like that; round end of belt goes into other end of belt, tighten as needed, and that’s how you wear it; thumb lever should be on top, push all the way up to loosen or remove belt. that’s it! again, as someone else said, if this thing is made to last, it’s one of the greatest things you will ever get. all i can really say is, all hail the ratchet!

Cut to length…

By Buddy Davison March 23, 2017
The belt is long. But it should be. You are to cut it to length. Make sure you cut the flat end not the curved end.
Cut a little and put it on. If you need to, take it off and cut it a little more and try it again. It’s better to cut the belt 5 or 6 times than cut it two short and you have to give it a child. To look good, the curved part of the belt shouldn’t stick past the buckle more than 1 to 2 inches.
Test opening and closing the belt BEFORE you put it on. There is a small lever on the bottom of the belt buckle to unlock the ratcheting part of the belt. If you are wearing it you will not see the latch.

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